The Rules

The rules of engagement are quite simple:

In turn, each player (anyone with a glass nearby, really) has a few seconds to decide whether the number displayed is:

Fizzy : contains a 5 or can be divided by 5
Buzzy: contains a 7 or can be divided by 7

or … none at all

or even a bit of both

If the timer’s elapsed before a choice is made, or a wrong answer is selected, it’s a clear sign your brain’s too dry for your own good, and it needs a good FizzBuzzing !
If your answer’s correct, you win ! For this time … Your left neighbour’s up for the next number !

Thirsty for examples ?

Simple really : let’s assume you’ve got your Fizz at 5, your Buzz at 7 (the defaults)

Get a 3 ? Or a 26 ? Or a 31 ? Now do you see a 7 or 5 in these ? No ? So they’re not really Buzzy nor Fizzy, are they ?Press the number itself, right in the center, and pass on to your neigbour !



See a 5, or a 15 ? or a 30 ?

Aaaah yes, Fizzy !

Go ahead, touch that Fizz !



See a 17, or a 57 ? or a 21 ?

Yes, you got it now, that’s Buzzy alright.

Buzz these !

212 Yes, 21 too.Cause it’s 7 times 3, see ?(We did warn you it was brain training, didn’t we ?)
Now things get brainy :
Think about, say, 35, or 710 (not that we think you should ever reach that number)…Yep, they’re Fizzy AND Buzzy so you have to press BOTH Fizz & Buzz !


35 does have a  5 in it, but it can also be divided by seven.And 710 contains a 7, and can be divided by five…

Think that’s easy ? Crank down that timer and think again !

Or… move to the advanced rules

With the advance rules, you now have to press Buzz twice, or Fizz twice, if the number displayed BOTH contains its Fizz AND can be divided by it.

Again, examples will speak truer than a thousand Buzz:


See a those two ?

They contain a 5, easy enough.

And they also can be divided by 5.

So they’re really Fizzy, Fizzy !

Tap Fizz twice !



Get a 7, or a 77 ?

You see where we’re going with this,  eh ?

Tap Buzz twice !

Now things get brainier :
Let’s take, again 35, or 710 (no, we still don’t think you really wanna go there)…

Yep, they’re Fizzy AND Buzzy so you have to press BOTH Fizz & Buzz !



35 is magic !

It does have a 5 in it, it can be divided by 5, and can also be divided by seven.
It’s Fizzy Fizzy Buzzy !
So… Tap Fizz twice & press Buzz !

(Or Press Buzz, and then Fizz twice, we don’t mind)

Still think that’s easy ? You’re officially a nutcase, and we definitely want to see that high-score…


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