Q) Hang on, FizzBuzz ? Seriously ?

A) Yeaaaaah well, we’re just looking after all those lost neurons out there, thirsting for trinking (that’s training + thinking, of course)

Q) I’ve been waiting soooo long to see this on my iPhone! When did you guys think of this ?

A) Around a drink of course (not even fizzy, mind you). One of us used to play Fizz Buzz for a living, that helped.

Q) I’ve got a 35, so obviously it’s got a seven, but it has both 5 as a divisor, and 5 as a digit. Should I press Buzz twice or once ?

A) Wow dude, chill !… That’s the FAQ, you’re not seriously expecting real information anywhere in here, are you ? Sheesh…

Q) Who are you ? I mean, aside from guys who actually come up with clever ideas such as ‘hey, let’s make Fizz-Buzz on the iPhone’

A) Er… We’ll take that as a compliment, thanks. Between the three of us, there’s one developer and a half (yep, the half is aware of it), two married guys (sorry, ladies), and the single one (yep, sorry ladies too)

Q) Although I will spend my nights on FizzBuzz, this may all run out of juice after a while. What else do you have in store for us ?

A) We’ve still got stuff we haven’t seen on the iPhone yet and would like to get out there. But if we told you what exactly, we’d have to lock you down in the basement. And the wife says it’s getting cramped down there, what with the kids and all… But we’ll be sure to keep you posted !

Q) Are you seriously condoning a drinking game ?

A) Wooo what makes you think that ?! Nope. Not at all ! Nooooonono. Absolutely not. Not us. Houlala non. Nein. Reaaaally where did you get that idea now ? Silly you.

Q) Can I sue you if somebody spills something on my iPhone ?

A) No. Not us. But we recommend you sue the spiller. Spillers are bad persons.

Q) Pink, so much pink ! Why ô why ?

A) We thought it would help. We’re not sure yet if it does, nor to what, really. But do let us know !

Q) But, why is theFizz on top of the Buzz ?

A) Gee, thanks for asking, we thought nobody would


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