Train your brain with your friends in our refreshing no-brainer brain trainer !


Think your brain needs training ? Think no more : Fizz Buzz is there for you !


No brain or no drain, you decide !

You have only seconds to decide whether each number that appears is Fizzy (contains a 5), Buzzy (contains a 7), or none. Or both…

You can turn this into a competition with your mates, but be warned : if you don’t get it correctly, prepare yourself for some punishment….

Now surely the mere thought of all those maths have left you dry, and in need for some refreshing brain training ?

Our recommendation : Fizz or Buzz , simple as that !

Make your own FizzBuzz cocktail !

Our options let you decide everything from timer, starting number, and of course the values for Fizz & Buzz…

So if you feel in for a rush, set the timer to 1 and prepare yourself for some seriously fast math !

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